I am a responsible generator

Lectures were given on the educational program "Desamparados separates waste for recycling", in schools, colleges and organized groups. Around 150 plays and puppets of the program were presented and 60 workshops and talks on waste management were given in the last 4 years. In addition and in order that the inhabitants of the Canton generate and dispose properly the waste has been created the campaign I AM A RESPONSIBLE GENERATOR. Environmental and healthy fairs have been held, where books and notebooks were collected and visitors are taught how to separate waste for recycling, in addition to addressing environmental and health issues. The participation in the Ambientated Campaign, has allowed to collect in the last 4 years, around 200 tons of waste. This campaign is carried out every month in the Centennial Park of Desamparados and in the Municipal Office of Frailes.
This Plan has been recognized at the national level by institutions such as IFAM, the Ministry of Health and ALIARSE, which has allowed us to participate in cooperation agreements with the Republic of Korea and the British Government, as well as being one of the 5 Municipality that at national level is invited to participate as a solid waste management model at the First National Recycling Fair in 2015.


Evelyn Hernández